Iamthemorning announce tour for November!

October 6, 2016 // 12:34 pm // By Rob Skarin

Russian chamber progressive rock band Iamthemorning have announced a tour for November. The band’s lead singer Marjana Semkina posted the following on the band’s online channels:

Ok guys, time for announcements! We’re coming on a small tour in November that will include some very special dates. First and foremost, we’re playing two big gigs with the mighty Tim Bowness, and we are preparing a very special program for the occasion. Make sure you won’t miss it!

IO Pages, Ulft, NL, 12 Nov: https://www.facebook.com/events/109392042800315/
Bush Hall, London, UK, 14 Nov: https://www.facebook.com/events/571655513031900/

Netherlands, here’s something for you. We are having three “evening with iamthemorning”-type shows, and all three of them will be very different. The fist one will be a chamber evening with strings. The second one will be a duo in-house style gig, and the third one will be a full band performance (still chamber-ish cause we use percussion instead of drumkit!). Everyone are very welcome. The program will be different, arrangements will be different and i’ll make sure that i don’t repeat my jokes from show to show :P

An evening with Iamthemorning:
November 16 Hedon, Zwolle, The Netherlands (chamber gig)
November 17 De Pul, Uden, The Netherlands (duo gig)
November 18 Patronaat, Haarlem, The Netherlands (full band), event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1696477414010570/

On all dates of the tour (apart form the duo gig) we will be joined by beautiful musicians from Belgium, Iceland and England, which makes us very excited!

If you are a promoter and would like to invite us somewhere to play around these dates, you can send us an email to hello@iamthemorning.com or directly to GlassVille Music, our beloved management.