About Us

GlassVille Music connects music to the listener and delivers an audience to the artist.

Built on over 15 years of tenacity and neo-grassroots marketing, our unique company offers its clients almost every conceivable service available in the business of music.

We are a worldwide organization, designed to provide on-the-ground support in countries far and wide. With a history of being at the forefront of independent thinking, our company is leading the charge of a new music model, one that places the artist at both the creative and financial center.

Our team knows the value of long-term strategic planning, and puts the artist in the creative drivers seat.

A little more...

Founded in March 2004 by Rob Palmen as RPMP Agency and later morphing in January 2011 into GlassVille Music, it is the umbrella company for GlassVille Management and GlassVille Records, as well as GlassVille Touring. In 2013 we also added a new service called Production.

The company is based on a team effort ideology and keeping the artist and it's counterpart a close knit family with an evergrowing open discussion as to what is best for the artists long term career.

GlassVille Music proudly supports the "A Child Unheard" Foundation.

For more information please visit: www.achildunheard.com