What started as a collaboration of different musicians on June 6th, 2006 became a powerhouse band consisting of world class musicians. The SixxiS, initially the brainchild of the lead singer, Vladdy Iskhakov, went through all the bumps and turbulence of an original band trying break out into the mainstream.

Their music presents a core sound of a variety of different influences coated in a powerful, heavy, seductive, and emotional shell of sound reminiscent of Rush, Muse, Soundgarden, System of a Down, Kings X, and Alice in Chains. The members’ musical backgrounds allow them the opportunity to toy with time signatures and syncopation, to grasp the magnetism of robust dynamics, and to focus on the individual mastery of each respective instrument while continuing to be a cohesive whole. The lyrics demand attention from listeners, as they are messages of a soul crying out for spiritual awakening and awareness.

The combination of haunting melodies, soaring vocal harmonies, distorted guitars, and a truly “powerhouse” rhythm section of drums and bass make The SixxiS sound so unique and unforgettable. This diversity of musical influences allowed the band, when performing live, to play to a wider audience, capturing fans with fantastic electric performances as well as equally impressive acoustic shows.