See the trailer for the new Lunatic Soul album!

June 22, 2014 // 8:37 pm // By Rob Skarin

Mariusz Duda is working on his Lunatic Soul’s next album. The recordings are taking place in the Serakos studio, the same one in which the latest Riverside album ‘Shrine of New Generation Slaves’ was recorded. Lunatic Soul has already released three albums – Lunatic Soul (2008),Lunatic Soul II (2010), and the instrumental Impressions (2011).

“I realize that, for some, this will be the fourth album but for others, only the third because Impressions was actually a supplement to the first two. Still others view the first two, the Black and White continuing interwoven story so they will consider this new one to be only… the second album :) Now, I’ll go in a different direction… a bit less oriental and more… alternative. Actually, it seems like it will be a huge dose of trance darkness. I think it is much more versatile music than before. It’s also going to be more emotive than ever… I’ve always wanted Lunatic Soul to be, first and foremost, music for the Souls whether they be Lunatic or not.”

The new Lunatic Soul album will be released in autumn 2014.